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Ethiopia moving towards a sustainable development:

  • The Ethiopian government has taken great interest in wanting to promote sustainability even as it takes huge strides in industrialization.
  • The IPDC has taken a path-breaking initiative by developing a world class ZLD plant at Hawassa Industrial Park. By doing this, it has become a leading example of achieving high growth through industrialization while maintaining ecological balance
  • Ethiopia has taken cognizance of the fact that the cost of environmental restoration is 25 times the cost of environmental protection and the IPDC initiative is going to earn good economic return in the long run. For every 1$ invested in water, there is an economic return of $5 to $13
  • Ethiopia
    Having conservation of environment in our culture, it is essential that we use ZLD to it’s best and incorporate it in our culture
  • IPDC
    It’s an example of achieving high growth through industrialization while maintaining ecological balance
  • EIC
    Ethiopian Investment Commission- Content needed

ZLD and it’s importance to Earth

There are countless reasons why ZLD is important to Earth and at IPDC as a part of the Ethiopian culture play an important role to carry the good work on.

IPDC and Arvid Envisol

An alliance for a better future
Building together for a better future
IPDC and Arvind building up the 11th ZLD park, together we have achieved a new echelon
Low operational cost
To reduce the economic burden on the economy we have built a plant with the lowest operation cost
Technology at it’s best
Owing to the 22 patents that we hold on the technology, we have one of the best plants in the world.
Creation of Employment
By using the best technology, we have created new employment opportunities

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